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Build and lead time

At our store, we maintain a curated selection of in-stock items for your immediate convenience. However, it's important to note that the majority of our products are crafted on a per-order basis. Typical lead times are within a timeframe ranging from 4 to 9 weeks. It's worth mentioning that for more substantial pieces, like conference tables, the lead time might extend slightly, while smaller items, such as stools, tend to ship out more swiftly.

For precise delivery expectations, please refer to the lead time' section in the description of each individual item. We take pride in the care and attention to detail that goes into every creation, and we appreciate your patience as we craft exceptional pieces tailored to your preferences


For your convenience, our shipping methods cater to the specific needs of our products. Small items, like our stools, are typically shipped via FedEx Ground, ensuring a reliable and efficient delivery process. On the other hand, for larger pieces such as our sturdy tables and bookcases, we employ the services of reputable LTL carriers, which may include FedEx Freight, UPS, or TForce Freight.

Rest assured, all large items are securely packaged in robust wood and cardboard crates to safeguard them during transit. Our shipping service also includes a valuable liftgate service, designed to make the delivery experience as smooth as possible. With this service, our delivery professionals will handle the heavy lifting by removing the crate from the truck and bringing it down to street level.

In addition, drivers are typically more than willing to assist you in further maneuvering the crate, whether it's helping you move it up your driveway or even into your garage.

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